Underwater photography project

Long exposure underwater photography, with light-painting.

This is a little “project” i started with a few days ago, well, have been thinking about it for around a year or so.

Have good experience from long exposure photography on land, but not underwater, so there will be some challenges, no doubt.
Don’t have any experience from light-painting either, why, i really don’t know, when it’s something i actually find very fascinating!

The use of long exposure / light painting underwayer is being used by some cave and wreck divers, but to not to much it looks like.

Anyways, i just jumped right into it, and took it all underwater for my first try.
How did it go ? Well, it didn’t. lol

Had the head of the tripod “break off”, and it wasn’t possible get sorted underwater. Clearly i have to use a more solid tripod (this was a cheep one..) And to be true, i kinda saw it coming…

Another thing is how the rig is being put together underwater, have to be very careful not to make a mess of the seafloor or else your just wasting time waiting  for the silt to settle down again.

But i gained experience, and got to do a little testing with the “hook-on” lead, transport of the extra lead & tripod, and the use of a tripod underwater, so i wouldn’t say it was a total bust. 🙂

Next time i will have a more solid rig, and maybe even a wireless remote for the camera, witch i’m thinking of fabricating.

Have some nice plans for this project in the end, but can revel to much just yet, stick around and you will find out. 😉

Current setup


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