Shame on me!

Feeling kinda bummed that i’m to “lazy” to keep the website updated with fresh media at all times.
This was kinda one of my main goals when putting up this new website, TO KEEP IT UPDATED! lol, yeah look how that went..

I guess the main reason is just that darn Facebook, where it is way to easy to just throw pictures up on my wall and then friends and followers will notice it. VS on my website i must go into my admin section, gallery, add image, upload, rename, tag, and then even go and update my gallery lightbox plugin as well. Bla bla bla
So, you can see why it’s just so tempting and easy to throw it up on Facebook instead of here, right?

Well, today i have updated lots of stuff in here, added new videos, added new futures, and changed out some pictures here and there.
Maybe i’ll even try to post more in the blog section if people are interested?

Ok, time to get working again.
Wish me luck 😀 


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