Pool photography session

One of the members of our scuba dive club has sorted so we can use the local town pool every Saturday for personal training and fun.
A few weeks ago i had to go check it out.. And what fun it was! (Btw, i haven’t done pool diving since i took my first scuba course years ago, no camera to play with back then.)

So, yeah, this was lots of fun for me.. Warm water, super clear visibility, and some playful kids..
Pretty much just me, and some unknown little kids (and a few adults inc the lifeguard)

At first i was just messing about on my own, getting used to not diving without my drysuit and things like that.. But then the kids just got more and more interested in what i was doing= Photo session time!!
They where just free diving around and playing about in the shallows, but in no-time they where all over and in front of my camera.
So much fun to play around with them in the wet element, hopefully they will be divers in the future 😉
They also got to play around with the camera them self, shooting pics of me and each other.. Fun Fun.

Took some time to get used to what settings i should use/ strobe or no strobe, and things like that.. pretty much just used to murky, cold and dark waters!
But i have to say it was a very good experience compared to shooting photos of real divers!

Feel i got some pretty cool shots, (check out the gallery for more), and will definitive go back for more wide angle practice as soon as they open the pool again next time! 🙂

Here are a few photos. (Last pic: One of the kids shot of me playing around with my scuba gear)






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