Light painting – Second attempt !

Got a little hooked on this light painting thing, so of to the woods today!
Had a few ideas for light painting today, but it was just to bad weather to mess around with the camera outside, wet snow, and lots of wind, so had to head inside one of  the local man made shelters we have around the island here. And just make the best of it = camera inside, me outside!

Just started slow, experimenting with light setup, orbs, colors, but soon the ideas was a handful, lol.

Anyways, this is what i ended up with! (Remember this is only my second try at this)
Hope to get some nice weather soon, so i can mix in some more elements, light the Aurora-Borealis / Norhernlight, and stuff like that.

Have to say, i really need a permanent assistant/model soon- haha… Would be soooo much more easier than running around solo like crazy! 😀



Light painting v2

Nikon D3200 with sigma 10mm.
Iso 100, 15-30 sec, and around f4-f7.

Two lights where used, sometimes just one, and sometime stuck together. mix and match with diffuser/colors on.

Put together of around 37 images(not all used in final result) Total file size inclusive backups : 4GB.

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