and welcome to my new Home.

It was due for both a new “Brand name” and website long time ago, and finally i got it done!
For those that don’t know, my old “Brand name” was Dragon-Designz Photography, and will slowly fade away with time.
(FYI, the domain name will be changed soon as well)

Anyways, on this site you can check out my gallery photos, a little about my photography gear, get to know me a little better and even leave a little comment in the guestbook.
And feel more than free to share my pictures on your facebook with your friends, (A share button is placed all around)

I will do my best to keep the website updated with pictures for you.

Please contact me if interested in some of the photos for prints, or similar, i will work out a deal with you!


Hope you like the new website, and will continue to hang around here.


Have a nice day!

Ronni B Bekkemellem